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Construction ouellette

Our dynamic team is focused on customer satisfaction both for the claim and for construction.

As soon as you entrust your project to our company, our team of specialists immediately begins its work: Appraiser, Engineer, and Architect all are active preparing plans and specifications.

Our cost controller ensures that final settlement is fair and accurate.

Our project managers follow your file and will closely work with you (at your availability).

A review of your building is completed and all materials likely to be contaminated are examined in the laboratory (mould, asbestos, pyrite, soot).

As a general contractor specializing in post-damage reconstruction, Construction Ouellette has the advantage of being able to always to count on its own work teams.

All our employees hold certificates of competence, and are professional, qualified and approachable for all your requests and/or questions.

Our administrative office staff applies complete diligence to ensure that your entire file proceeds without any disruptions thus providing sound company management. They are always available to answer your questions.

Having an experienced team that follows post-disaster industry standards set by has given us an impeccable reputation among our customers and insurers.

The bond of trust that we have with insurers, adjusters and appraisers is essential for the smooth performance of your restoration.

With Construction Ouellette, C'est réglé!